The menu of the Gundel Restaurant with a Gundel header adorned by the Holy Crown of Hungary.

Gundel took over the Wampetics Restaurant in the City Park in 1910 - his menu features excellent dishes of the Hungarian and French culinary arts, and unique specialities as well.

As he put it: “I don’t feel like a restaurant manager, who sells food and drink for money, but as a Hungarian host, whose house is honoured by the visit of guests.”

A leading figure in the restaurant business, who alongside enjoying hard work (he tended to his patrons, and studies culinary literature), was also a family man, and helped raise 13 children. Károly Gundel Jr. was the manager of the Gundel Restaurant at the 1939 World Fair in New York. Another child of his, Ferenc is a founder of the Budapest School of Hospitality. Several other descendants lived and are still alive, such as actors Zoltán Latinovits and István Bujtor, and Gábor Gundel Takács, a popular TV reporter.