When you ride your bike home after drinking wine with your friends, you have already used at least three of Ányos Jedlik’s inventions. The dynamo, the soda water, which is essential to a spritzer, and also the creation of the Hungarian word “fröccs” , which is the spritzer. According to the anecdote, he created the word when he offered wine to Mihály Vörösmarty, with some of his own soda water. “Spritzer? Too Germanlike, let’s call it fröccs!” – They said.

Truth be told, Jedlik was not the first one to dissolve carbon-dioxide in water, but he invented the soda water machine (or he referred to it as bittering machine), which created the opportunity to create sparkling water on a commercial scale. The first soda water plant was established.

The glass structure of today’s soda bottle was also invented by him, which aided the distribution of the product. During the first summer, the plant at Győr produced 150 bottles of soda water, and became popular among the local people. According to a preserved counter log, he had a smaller plant in Pest in 1841, where 5 employees worked. Because he had no intentions to profit from the company, he soon passed it over to his relatives.

In 2013, soda water was included in the Depository of Hungary and became a Hungaricum as well.