The relief under Matthias’s statue shows him with his scientists. For instance here we can find Andreas Hess, royal chronicler and creator of the first printed book in Hungary called Buda Chronicle, the famous chronicle Bonfini, John Vitéz, Matthias’s chancellor and Janus Pannonius.

Matthias stood out from the contemporary rulers of Europe with his literacy, and he introduced the renaissance style and arts in Hungary. Numerous Italian humanists were welcomed at his royal court, as well as famous scientists and artists. His marriage to Beatrice of Naples further strengthened the renaissance in Hungary. Matthias was well-read on ancient poets and he enjoyed taking part in humanist debates. He showed a keen interest in astronomy and astrology. He supported many forms of art, such as sculpting and dance.

He had major constructions done in the Buda Castle and Visegrád. During his reign, he established his special library which consisted of 2,500 books and codices.

The statue of Matthias Corvinus is a creation of György Zala.