After capturing Constantinople, the opportunity to conquer Europe was at hand. This is why the Siege of Belgrade had so much significance not only for Hungarian leaders but the other European leaders and states as well. However, the promised help hadn’t arrived by the start of the siege in July 1456. The army of John Capistrano only consisted of crusader peasants. However, Hunyadi had well-armed and effective troops. These two forces united to defeat the Ottomans.

When the Ottoman siege began on 4 July 1456 the captain of the castle was Mihály Szilágyi, brother-in-law of Hunyadi. Hunyadi arrived on 14 July. The Ottoman charges were so strong that they managed to destroy the exterior walls of the castle, but with Hunyadi’s armoured cavalry they managed to parry the attack. On 23 July, the Ottoman army fled in haste, while Hungary and Europe successfully halted the Ottoman extension for long decades. The noon bell is sounded to commemorate this victorious battle ever since.

The statue of John Hunyadi is a creation of Ede Margó.