In 1278, during the Battle of Marchfeld, Ladislaus IV and the Hungarian army aided Rudolf I of Germany against the Czechs. For Rudolf, the victory was extremely significant, because the Habsburgs were able to assure possession of the Duchies of Austria.

The relief of György Zala shows this memorable battle, but at the same time, we see the statue of Charles Robert above, who was not even born at the time. What is the reason behind all this?

Charles Robert’s biggest achievements have to do with his successful war campaigns both against internal and external (Habsburg) threats. He was considered a more important monarch than Ladislaus IV, which is why he received his statue in the Millennial Monument. However, the chosen relief underneath may have a special significance to its creators as it reminds the Habsburgs of the fact that Hungary helped them capture Austria. It is phrased very directly: “In 1287, the Hungarian army aids Rudolf of Habsburg against Ottokar II of Bohemia in the Battle of Marchfeld.” This sign was removed in 1945.

The statue of Charles Robert is a creation of György Kiss.