„It was Mór Balázs who transformed Budapest into a model city for other cities on the continent to be followed”, the paper Hungarian Genius praised Mór Balázs not long before his early death. Unfortunately, the next generations have also forgotten that it was Balázs who designed the plans for the first underground system. Szilárd Zielinski’s design was regarded as the first one by the books, even though Balázs had already started planning the additional underground systems right after the opening of the first tunnel. In opposition to an elevated railway, he delivered a real scheme for an underground system to the Department of Commerce in March 1897. He passionately believed that the quickly developing city would need an underground railway system. During the construction of the 2nd and 3rd lines (between 1970 and 1990), his ideas were partially carried out. Not only did he envision the continent’s first underground but he also imagined a whole underground system

The greatest achievement of Henrik Jellinek, CEO of Public Railroad Budapest Co. was that he continued developing the public railroad system, as well as trying to connecting Budapest and the nearby villages with a railway.