The 15th issue of Magyar Szemle wrote about the ticket machines (p. 180.):

„The electric underground railway is completely finished and awaits its visitors to carry them from the city centre to the City Park. Considering the enourmus difficulties, it was completed at an extreme pace. It’s 3,695 metres long and the construction started on 9 August1894. Two tracks run through the tunnel with two trains back and forth. The entrances are magnificent, maybe too gorgeous. On the track, we can find all the great electronical innovations. The ticket costs 10 kreutzer and you can buy them from automated machines set up on the platforms. A magnetic force works in these machines, which only accepts the shape and size of the nickel coins of 20 fillérs, all other coins and false metals are rejected. The cars are more than 12 metres long and 2.20 wide. At the end of each one, a small space is located for the driver, who is secluded from the passengers and can do his job without any interruptions. No rows of benches are placed in the car, so passangers may take a seat on the big circular bench that connects with the walls of the car. It can seat up to 28 people. Getting on and off is quite easy. The construction cost more than 3 million forints.